Positive outcomes

Proven track record of jobseeker success

Affordable solution

The one-stop portal for outplacement

Senior or junior?

Different levels available to suit jobseekers

The practical, proven outplacement support system

Redundancies are an inevitability for most businesses and you want to provide the best possible support to those leaving your organisation. MyWorkSearch is the market-leading multi-award winning online jobseeker training and support portal that provides individuals with all the resources they need to secure employment.

With MyWorkSearch you can add to any other support that you provide. It is a practical, proven system that helps individuals to find new roles.

Different levels to suit senior and junior jobseekers

Senior or junior, a job-search involves similar processes. Individuals need to understand what they have to offer, who will be interested and how to sell themselves effectively. MyWorkSearch users can choose the resources within the system that they will find most useful. For one person it might be a ‘what are my transferable skills’ assessment and local matching vacancies. For another it is a list of relevant recruitment consultants, a sector research report and a company’s filed accounts.

MyWorkSearch has two different sets of content and functionality according to the seniority of the jobseeker. This guarantees its content and tone are relevant for the individual and provide maximum value.

The affordable outplacement solution

MyWorkSearch is a one-stop portal that has everything a jobseeker needs. The affordable price means that you can make it available to each and every person at risk or who is selected for redundancy.

If your budget permits, alongside MyWorkSearch you can offer the services of a career transition coach. However, whether or not this is possible, you can be confident that for the period of the subscription MyWorkSearch gives the unlimited, 24/7 guidance, tools and data that every jobseeker needs.

Online only or with consultant support?

The choice is yours. Some customers find that just offering MyWorkSearch meets the needs of their departing colleagues. Others also like to offer consultant support. This can be delivered using the time and expertise of your internal HR team or alternatively we can provide highly skilled consultants who can assist you with your programme.

We also work with a number of outplacement consultancies who use MyWorkSearch as their online client portal. We are happy to introduce customers to the consultancies we work with, as well as partner with consultancies that would like to use MyWorkSearch.

With MyWorkSearch you get:

  • one million plus vacancies searched daily
  • local employer vacancy tracking
  • employer research databases
  • transferable skills and career interests assessment
  • psychometric tests
  • CV building
  • job-search eLearning
  • Activity management tools

Local employer vacancy tracking

Jobseekers alerted about local opportunities

One million plus vacancies

Vacancies searched daily for the most up to date information

Employer research databases

Jobseekers can thoroughly research employers of interest

Multiple assessments included

Transferable skills and career interests assessment

Integrated CV builder

Individuals create their own high quality CVs

Psychometric tests

Tests give jobseekers self-insight and offer practice

Activity management tools

Straightforward, useful support

Job-search eLearning

Discover or brush up on job search skills whenever convenient with award winning eLearning