MyWorkSearch's unique customer portal

MyWorkSearch’s customer portal is unique in the sector. It is a full toolkit, self-service resource for job search.

  • Some customers are willing and able to self-service job search and MyWorkSearch supports them as they do this.
  • Other customers are less capable, but still willing and MyWorkSearch maximises their effectiveness.
  • Any customers who cannot cope with self-service at all can be supported by their advisors using case management functionality.

We have considerable data that shows that customers who self-service job search are much more likely to secure sustained employment. Several studies, including one of over 70,000 jobseekers, have unequivocally demonstrated that MyWorkSearch transforms job search and sustainment success. In our largest study, MyWorkSearch users (compared to jobseekers who did not use MyWorkSearch) were 78% overall more likely to secure employment and 43% more likely to remain in employment after 26 weeks. Click here to see the report.

Why are MyWorkSearch users more likely to find and stay in employment?

Customers take personal ownership and responsibility for their job-search

Encouraging and supporting jobseekers to take personal ownership and responsibility for their job-search is more effective than having advisors find jobs and simply inform the customer of their new employment. The former creates greater personal commitment.

Advisors can observe activity and motivate customers appropriately

MyWorkSearch enables your advisors to see all that a customer is doing – or not doing. This means that when customers make activity commitments to their advisors they either keep them or have to discuss why they have not. This means that some customers who might otherwise have been inactive instead become more active jobseekers and thus secure employment.

Customers who secure a job themselves have a higher commitment to it

Customers who secure their own jobs have greater commitment to the role. Getting the job was their personal achievement and their commitment to staying in the job is greater than is the case where the job was handed to the customer by an advisor.

MyWorkSearch improves chances by increasing skills and activity

The vast range of jobs in MyWorkSearch and its high quality advice and activities resources tip the odds in favour of the jobseeker. Those who use MyWorkSearch are less likely to make job-search mistakes and are more likely to find the best possible jobs available to them. All of this increases the chances of finding a job and then wanting to remain in it.

MyWorkSearch customer portal retrieves over 1 million vacancies daily

The MyWorkSearch customer portal daily retrieves vacancies from thousands of job boards and employer sites. After deduplication there are substantially over 1 million vacancies available from the previous 30 days. These are daily matched to the customer, based on the person’s preferences as well as the results of a skills assessment – which can be carried out by the advisor or customer.

Success rates are improved by customers using MyWorkSearch's eLearning and practical jobseeker tools

The portal has a broad range of eLearning, providing practical, readily understandable and implementable, guidance on all aspects of job search. It also has a wealth of job search tools and resources, such as skills and job interests assessments, a CV builder, action planning wizards and activity management.

Customer and advisor can view activity reports

Everything the person does on the platform is tracked and reported on and this can be viewed by the customer and also by advisors.

Easy access and strong communication

MyWorkSearch has Android, iOS and Windows Mobile apps and these facilitate interaction between advisor and customer. Our mobile apps provide a great platform to provide ongoing in-work support. You can readily communicate with customers and find out whether there are problems that require your intervention.

Flexible set up options

The MyWorkSearch customer portal can be used in conjunction with MyWorkSearch case management or it can be provided as a standalone resource for customers. In addition, MWS provides a range of electronic resources (APIs) that make it easy to connect our customer portal to other vendors’ case management software. This means that with minimal inconvenience you can add an integrated customer portal to your delivery solution. This can be especially useful where you have to obtain security approvals from your funder as your funder’s data would remain in your approved CRM and only data added by your customer would go into MyWorkSearch, meaning that only a lightweight approvals process should be needed, if at all, for MyWorkSearch customer portal usage.